Hi folks! Sorry; this is not a fun blog about a delicious new crepe or a special event. This is a little blog about our parking situation. We have our small, 11 space parking lot. We have non- metered street parking on Water and Walnut Streets. However the large parking lots behind us and beside us on water street are not ours and they do not allow our customers to use them (AT ALL). Not even nights or weekends. Not ever. This is their private property and they have the right to make whatever decisions they want (no matter how silly they are since they aren't even open Saturday nights or Sunday's). I feel terrible that so many of our customers have been towed. I want to avoid this problem. We're doing our best to put up more signs on our end but the lots DO have clear signs about  no parking so they are well within their right to tow.  But we know how much finding that your car has been towed can really ruin your day so please pass the info along to friends/family that the only parking we can guarantee is the parking in our own lot and the public street parking. We also have a parking garage right on the next block of Water Street! All of these options are better then risking it in the neighboring lots that may just end up towing your car. Thanks so much and sorry to anyone who has left the Creperie after a good meal to find their car missing!